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Non-Litigation Services.

For individuals
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Summary of Services

Business Formation | Maintenance

To ensure you start your business on the right foot, we will assist you with choosing and forming the right entity suited to fit your specific needs, whether it be:

- Sole proprietorship
- Corporation
- Nonprofit
- Limited liability company
- Limited partnership
- General partnership
- Limited liability partnership
- Hybrid/nesting entity

We will draft and tailor your operating or partnership agreement or articles of incorporation and bylaws, in accord with Oregon laws and rules. Oregon Secretary of State Business Laws and Rules.

Due Diligence | Investigation 

Whether facing complex transactions or working to avoid deceptive practices, vigilance is necessary to clarify or verify information necessary to transact with confidence.

Due diligence is the process and actions gather and analyze information before making a decision. It is done to assess risk and involves examination of risks.

Due diligence intended to reduce risk exposure. The process and actions are meant to ensure that a party knows the details of a transaction before agreeing to it.

Due diligence is used in a wide range of activities, from background checking to property inspection to document review and verification.

At core, due diligence constitutes efforts to collect and analyze information before closing a transaction or making an important decision.

When it is too important to settle for second guessing important matters, we will assist with your due diligence and/or engage experienced investigators or qualified experts that will work to ensure you can "close" with confidence. 

Contract Drafting | Review | Enforcement 

The best way to prevent a problem down the road is to have a strong agreement from the beginning. Your transactions and agreements with your business partners require much more than cut-and-paste boilerplate provisions.

When problems arise (as they inevitably do), a clear, concise, unambiguous contract can save the day by providing a blueprint for resolution.

We take the time to carefully analyze the contractual needs of our clients and then work to carefully assemble provisions, specific to those needs.

A good contract is like a good tool box. You need the right tool to conform to the specific project need. Good contracts are not "one size fits all" but rather require careful tailoring.

We strive to tailor contracts that best suit our clients' needs.

Intellectual Property | Trademark | Copyright 

Protecting your proprietary rights and interests, can be confusing and complex.

We assist clients with the aquistion, maintenance and enforcement of their trademarks and copyrights on the state and federal level.

Additionally, we work with clients to protect their trade secrets and maintain or enforce confidentiality provisions.