Civil Litigation

Trial Advocacy.

filing, prosecuting
defending lawusits

Areas of Focus

We are trial attorneys with experience preparing, filing and presenting our clients' cases. Our ares of focus include:

Construction Defect

Breach of Contract and Business Disputes

Despite best efforts and careful planning, agreements are breached, promises are not kept and obligations are defaulted upon.

When this occurs,  can assist with enforcement and defense against contract breaches.

We work with our clients to carefully review agreement provisions at issue to assess and determine the best course of action toward a result that comports with the fair and reasonable meaning of the contract.

Negligent, Reckless and Intentional Acts

We represent plaintiffs seeking redress for harms caused to them by negligent or intentional acts of others, and we also represent defendants who have been sued.

If you are either contemplating filing a lawsuit or have been sued, we can assist with devloping your cause of action to achieve the best possible outcome.

Restraining Orders

Property Disputes

Select Domestic Relations Matters

We also handle certain divorce, custody, child support and related mattes.

If you are contemplating filing a lawsuit or have been sued, contact our office to determine how we may assist.